Welcome to Acropolis European Business Partnership Club

Acropolis European Business Partnership Club (EBPC) was established at year 2007 in Zurich, Switzerland under the name European Business Partnership Agency (EBPA). Due to the merge with company Acropolis Imperial Real Estate, previous name was converted to Acropolis EBPC and registered as Ltd. Company in London, United Kingdom. Its mission is focused to promotion of Hellenism and its historical, cultural and economical treasures world wide, through the variety of business activities.

Dreamweaver CS3Our main aim is revaluation, modernization and promotion of modern Hellenic most valuable products through The New Way of Thinking & Making Business. Faith, honesty, dignity, intelligence and cooperation,for many years have played the most important role in Great Success of Hellenism, which Acropolis European Business Partnership Club through its economical, financial, political and cultural activities is trying to bring back into reality.

For Greek as well as foreign companies and firms, willing to expand their business through the markets of EBPC’s network, we guaranty smooth penetration and complete accompany into interested region’s market.

Acropolis EBPC is represented by independent consultants and partner agencies in Russia, Cyprus, Switzerland, Belarus and Latvia. Among the members of Acropolis EBPC are local authorities, prominent business people, academics and cultural world key players who strongly believe in the success and glory of modern Hellenism, through promotion and implantation of The New Way of Making Business, and glorification of Hellenism historical heritage. A Laptop Computer

Our business consultants and partners can give the most precise information and advice to companies & firms or physical persons of the best business development programs in our network countries.

Along with consulting we actively promote and offer Greek Real Estate market’s attractive offers to European customers. As well, a number of traditional Greek products and high quality Greek goods are well represented by our agency.

Due to specification of activities in certain markets, all programs are divided into three regions: Eastern Europe, Balkans and Middle East.

According to enormous historical, ethnical and religious equalities between Greek and Russian nations and our orientation to the East European Markets, approximately eighty percent of all Acropolis European Business Partnership Club’s activities are linked to Russia and Russian market.

Approximately sixty percent of Acropolis EBPC business activities are related to Real Estate with the remaining percentage devoted to import/export. Further, promotion of various cultural and political events related to Hellenism promotion world wide is an important part of EBPC’s overall programs. We strongly believe that The New Way of Making Business can bring lots of positive changes in global economical stage as well as bring back to Greece times of Great Glory and Success.  

Acropolis Group of Companies | +30 2310 861727 | Thessaloniki Greece  | info@acropolis-ebpc.com